About Coach Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson is a Business Coach with AMB Performance Group. Utilizing his 25 years of experience, Matt is driven to facilitate impactful improvements for business owners in all industries.

Matt has spent the last 20 years of his career in management positions at multi-amenity Private Country Clubs. Coaching has been an integral part of these professional roles, whether with direct employees or Club Members. The inherent adaptability required to be successful in the Club industry and the necessary character traits lend themselves to a natural transition to business coaching.

Matt has utilized the tools available with AMB Performance Group to advance his own Home Health Business to a place where it works without him. “Hiring a coach has transformed my business and allowed me to spend time helping other business owners create a business that can work without them. Coaching is something every business owner should consider.”

Utilizing the foundations of the business coaching services, Matt will work with individual owners to achieve stated goals and to ensure the business is living out its vision and moving towards the owner’s ideal future.

Matt’s comprehensive approach will dive into your business’s unique needs and confront your challenges with AMB’s systems and tools to deliver on our guarantees.

What Our Clients Are Saying

There is no greater reward, than the success of our clients.

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