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Often with the success of your business comes new potential problems for your company. While they’re not likely to stop you, they may impede your growth. You started this business though, after all. Now all you have to do is keep those problems from getting in the way. You’re at a point where if you want to grow your business, you’re going to have to grow your leadership skills. Looking for the best Atlantis Florida business coach? You’re in luck.

That’s where AMB comes in. The premiere Atlantis Florida business coach, AMB Performance Group is exactly what you need to help you see the bigger picture. 

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Our Coaching Services

While every business coaching team has a different approach, ours is about ensuring you have the leadership skills necessary to be a better business owner. 

We’re not just coaches. We’re your partners in this new venture. Don’t worry, though. You’ll never have to split the ownership of your company with us. Instead, we’re here to help you better understand how to move forward. 

As a business owner, you know what makes your company great. You know what pain points you solve for your customers and what helps you beat the competition out every single time. All of that knowledge, though, may not help you better balance the everyday tasks ahead of you and the plans you need to make in the future. 

Once your business is truly up and running well, it’s hard to know where to turn so you can scale up and create the empire you originally had in mind. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a great business person. Your business is doing great, right? But having a partner who can help you find the right direction forward right now is invaluable.

Contact AMB Performance Group to answer any of your questions about business coaching, or set up an appointment.

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Profit Club

AMB Performance Group developed Profit Club utilizing the “5 Ways Accelerator” process to help you focus on five core areas of business development.

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Group Coaching

AMB Performance Group 1 on 1 Coaching allows you to gain great knowledge, expand your education and gain a greater understanding of accountability.

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1 on 1 Business Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching focuses solely on you. An accelerated program to help develop and execute long and short-term goals.

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What can a business coach do for you?

Our Atlantis Florida business coaching staff doesn’t just ask you a series of predetermined questions and give you cookie-cutter advice you could get from any Forbes column. Instead, we offer one-on-one solutions by listening to you, working to help you see what might be ahead, and ensuring your decisions take everything into account. 

You know your business well. We know business and leadership well. In every session, you have the opportunity to gain access to the knowledge we’ve found as South Florida business owners ourselves and as those who work with other South Florida business owners on a daily basis. That hands-on knowledge means a better understanding of the growing pains involved with every company, and we’ll help challenge you to learn and grow as a leader so you can stimulate growth in your own company.

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With a business coach, during your coaching session, you get unbiased feedback and honest answers. Sometimes you’re just too close to the puzzle to see the picture that is forming. An outside point of view can help shine a light on areas that you know you could improve on but have not been focusing on. It’s only natural, to spend most of your time and energy doing the things you feel you’re good at. When everything seems to be running smoothly enough, people justify avoiding those areas that make them uncomfortable. We’ll help push you outside of your comfort zone, face your business fears, and then help you keep yourself accountable. Doing something once will help, but real growth comes from the power of compounding.

We’re not just here to get to the root of the problem. Instead, we’re here to offer you some insights, help you map out the pros and cons, and create the accountability you need. As the head of your company, there’s probably not anyone else who is willing to hold you accountable, but our coaches will. 

Each session means unbiased answers to your questions and feedback that is honest. Sometimes being too close to the picture day after day means you can’t see what’s actually happening on the canvas, and our outside point of view can make that happen. 

With AMB Performance Group on your side, you’ll become proactive about potential problems with your company. Along with our tools, we’ll help you develop a clear path to follow and work with you so you can set some SMART goals. As always, you’ll get our insights into situations you may not have seen yet but we know are coming down the road. All of this has the ability to help you expand your network and strengthen your company. More than that, though, it can help you grow as a leader so you can better manage your company. 

If you’re interested in having an Atlantis Florida business coach who is ready to help you do more, it’s time to make a change.

Business coaching in Atlantis Florida has one name – AMB Performance Group. Give us a call today to learn more.

  • Q

    How do you find the right online business coach for you?


    As in many industries, there are (unfortunately) a lot of people out there who call themselves business coaches, build a website and attract clients, all without having gone through real training or ever building any kind of business themselves beforehand. So, what should you look for in a business coach? Well, you should look for proof of tangible results. Statistics from other businesses that the coach has worked with. In some cases, it may be worth looking into the industries that the coach’s past or current clients are in. Client testimonials are a good starting point when considering an online business coach. And ask around your network. Does anyone you know work with a business coach? What have they said about their experience? This could be telling one way or another. But the coach who is right or wrong for one person may be the inverse for you. So, to go further, you want to ask the right questions of a prospective business coach when having the initial phone call or meeting. Ask about results and methodology and past industry experience, but make sure they are asking the right questions of you as well. Then what it will come down to is personal fit. Is this someone you would be excited to partner with? If you’ve checked all of those boxes, then you’ll have your answer.

  • Q

    Is there a guarantee on my investment?


    As a matter of fact, yes. If you put in the work with us, we guarantee a 3X return on your investment within the first year, or we will coach you for free until you achieve what we promise.

  • Q

    Can my business afford a coach?


    We know that businesses come in all sizes, and we have programs designed for large and small companies, as well as everything in between. The question to ask yourself and your leadership should be: are you open-minded and willing to put in the work? This will define whether you find the investment a valuable one.

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    What do online business coaches do?


    First, we have a discovery call where we try to get a sense of the kind of help that you’re looking for, your pain points, and if we think our services are a good fit for your situation. Then, if we choose to proceed, then we’ll have a standing appointment with you—usually weekly—to create specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals and check in on them. We believe coaching offers and helps you build a path to being a better leader, with concrete checkpoints along the way. At one point, you created a vision for your business. But with growth and time, that vision may have changed, or you may feel that it’s ready to change. We help you realize that vision or help mold the new one. One part support, one part teacher, one part motivator.

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