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Financial Advisor Business Coach

Financial advisors have an advantage when it comes to running a business: they understand and can effectively interpret complex statements and accounts. It is often other aspects that are more difficult to maneuver. Whether it is marketing and sales to reach your target market, managing client relationships, recruiting and retaining talent to help grow your firm, or integrating technology to streamline and strengthen key functions, it can be challenging to manage these responsibilities – while devoting time and energy to your valued clients.

business coach for financial advisors

Your AMB Performance Group financial advisor business coach serves as a mentor and partner in your development and growth as a professional. With targeted advice, resources, support, and solutions, you can achieve success, whatever that means to you currently. 

What can a business coach for financial advisors do for you? They can help you:

  • Implement effective systems that streamline key business operations, resulting in significant time- and cost savings. 
  • Develop market and sales strategies that attract the right kind of client
  • Remove bottlenecks that are costing you time, money, and energy
  • Integrate technology for seamless solutions that target accounting, HR (if necessary), client management, and more
  • Identify areas for improvement and cost savings
  • Strengthen communication skills to empower you to reach clients and other key stakeholders with confidence
  • Free up time spent handling the business end of operations so you can focus on clients
  • Regain a sense of balance and control over your business – which extends into other aspects of your life

Financial Advisor Business Coach: An Investment In Your Future

A business coach for financial advisors is not a luxury, not in today’s ultra-competitive, rapidly-evolving world. It can be the key to achieving your goals today, as well as to creating a sustainable, profitable business that positions you for a stronger future. 

AMB Performance Group’s experienced team has the industry experience and insights you need to improve your business and move the needle on key goals and objectives. Learn how we can help you realize the results you want.

Know anyone else who could benefit from business coaching? We also offer Business Coaching for Lawyers.

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Profit Club

AMB Performance Group developed Profit Club utilizing the “5 Ways Accelerator” process to help you focus on five core areas of business development.ogram 1 details here

Group Coaching

AMB Performance Group Coaching allows you to gain great knowledge, expand your education and gain a greater understanding of accountability.

1 on 1 Business Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching focuses solely on you. An accelerated program to help develop and execute long and short-term goals.

What can a business coach do for you?

Who Advises the Advisor?

As a financial advisor, your role is to guide people through complex terrain, help them through tough questions and choices, and instill within them the confidence to make solid, well-informed, future-oriented decisions.

The question is: who does this for you? Who advises the advisor, guides you through complex terrain, helps you through tough questions and choices, and instills within you the confidence to make solid, well-informed, future-oriented decisions? A business coach for financial advisors understands your industry, understands your clients, and understands the demands and challenges you face. More importantly, though, your AMB Performance Group mentor and partner seeks to understand you.

  • Q

    What questions should I ask a prospective business coach?

    1. How much experience do you have?
    2. What is your vision of success for a client?
    3. What are your top three values?
    4. Do you have plans that will fit my needs?
    5. What timeline do you think I’m looking at in terms of what I want to achieve?
    6. What certifications do you have?
    7. Why are you a business coach?
    8. What separates you from other business coaches?
    9. What is your preferred method of communication?
    10. What are some of your previous results?
  • Q

    Is it worth investing in a business coach?


    The statistics seem to agree. The firm Korn Ferry International researched just that question and found that after introducing business coaching, 96% of organizations reported individual performance improvements, and 92% said they believed that their leadership effectiveness and management skills improved. Similarly, Merill C. Anderson, a Ph.D. at MerixGlobal performed a case study and found that executive coaching produced a 788% return on investment. Of course, some of the biggest returns can be on the intangibles – such as life and business balance. We guarantee to find our fee inside the first 17 weeks and will only work with you if we see a 3x return on your investment in the first year. That’s just the minimum though, we are confident that if we are a good fit for you and your business, then we can achieve much more than that. But again, the return is good, but the shift in how you feel about the status of you’re business—that’s unquantifiable.

  • Q

    What happens if I can’t make a scheduled session time?


    All sessions are recorded and will be made available to you afterward. Additionally, you will have access to all materials presented or utilized as a part of the curriculum.

  • Q

    Can my business afford a coach?


    We know that businesses come in all sizes, and we have programs designed for large and small companies, as well as everything in between. The question to ask yourself and your leadership should be: are you open-minded and willing to put in the work? This will define whether you find the investment a valuable one.

  • Q

    How do I know if coaching is right for me?


    Our process includes a designed diagnostic to help identify whether investing in a coaching program will benefit your business. We have developed hundreds of unique strategies and systems at your disposal to tackle any of your business needs.

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