Dine & Discover: 6 Steps to Growing Your Business

Building a scalable and eventually sellable business takes work, discover how to keep your business health and growth moving forward for your future.

Would a builder build a house and let it sit vacant? Of course not.

A builder builds a house to sell it. So, why is it that most business owners aren’t laser-focused on building a sellable business?

If that last question brings your business growth to mind, then this is the event for you. Join us Tuesday, May 25, 2021, at 5:45 PM EST at Seasons 52 in Palm Beach Gardens to learn how to:

  • Leverage your time to maximize efficiency and profits
  • Recruit, motivate, educate, and retain exceptional employees
  • Work ON as well as IN your business (and ultimately work less)
  • Turn the marketing of your business into an investment vs. an expense
  • Accelerate your business growth while sustainably scaling at a faster rate than your competition
  • Complimentary dinner and beverages will be provided.

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, seating will be limited to 10 people, register now to make sure you secure your spot.

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