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You’ve worked hard to reach this level of success in your business. The problems of a start-up are well behind you. Congratulations. Now, you have a new opportunity – to face the issues a growing business must tackle. They’re not going to stop you, but they might slow down your growth. It’s okay, though, right? You got this far. Nose to the grindstone? Not quite. At this point, the leadership skills you used to get you this far may not apply as you work to grow. Instead, business coaching in Royal Palm Beach is the best way to help your business evolve. 


Our Royal Palm Beach Business Coaching Services

When you work with a Royal Palm Beach business coach, you’re doing so much more than getting the answer to how you get past the next roadblock. Instead, you’re developing the skills you need to remain the pacesetter for your company.

As a business owner, you already know the problems your company solves on a daily basis. You know what value you provide to customers, and you understand why you stand out in the industry. You’re probably the best day-to-day manager for your company. What you may not know, though, is how to look forward to the evolution of your company. What will you do to help it grow? How will you find the talent you need that will blaze the path forward as the industry and economy change?

It’s questions like these that truly worry business owners, and that’s exactly why business coaching services DO matter.

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Profit Club

AMB Performance Group developed Profit Club utilizing the “5 Ways Accelerator” process to help you focus on five core areas of business development.

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Group Coaching

AMB Performance Group 1 on 1 Coaching allows you to gain great knowledge, expand your education and gain a greater understanding of accountability.

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1 on 1 Business Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching focuses solely on you. An accelerated program to help develop and execute long and short-term goals.

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What can a business coach do for you?

When you work with a Royal Palm Beach business coach from AMB, you work with someone who isn’t going to tell you what to do. Instead, we’re going to ask the right questions to help you discover that path. Business coaching for your company doesn’t look like it does for any of our other clients. This is not a cookie-cutter operation. It’s one in which we work as your partner to help you build the way into the future for your company.

Much of developing that path means working on your leadership skills. Our ActionCOACH toolset will help you learn more about what you need to work on most as a leader. We can help give you the bigger picture, both for your company and for you as a leader, so you can uncover and face any serious fears you have.

Small Business coaching

More than that, though, we’ll work with you to help you learn how to balance your schedule, network with others so you can build the right opportunities for your company, and provide the honest feedback you need most.

Our experience is what sets us apart. We work with hundreds of business owners across the globe on the same skills, so we’ve seen the problems you are facing, and we’ve coached through them. We’ve also seen them as owners. Every Royal Palm Beach business coach on our team is a business owner, so we know those issues both inside and out.

Ready for someone who will finally hold you accountable and push you into greater things than you ever imagined? Contact us today.

  • Q

    How do you find the right online business coach for you?


    As in many industries, there are (unfortunately) a lot of people out there who call themselves business coaches, build a website and attract clients, all without having gone through real training or ever building any kind of business themselves beforehand. So, what should you look for in a business coach? Well, you should look for proof of tangible results. Statistics from other businesses that the coach has worked with. In some cases, it may be worth looking into the industries that the coach’s past or current clients are in. Client testimonials are a good starting point when considering an online business coach. And ask around your network. Does anyone you know work with a business coach? What have they said about their experience? This could be telling one way or another. But the coach who is right or wrong for one person may be the inverse for you. So, to go further, you want to ask the right questions of a prospective business coach when having the initial phone call or meeting. Ask about results and methodology and past industry experience, but make sure they are asking the right questions of you as well. Then what it will come down to is personal fit. Is this someone you would be excited to partner with? If you’ve checked all of those boxes, then you’ll have your answer.

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    Is there a guarantee on my investment?


    As a matter of fact, yes. If you put in the work with us, we guarantee a 3X return on your investment within the first year, or we will coach you for free until you achieve what we promise.

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    Can my business afford a coach?


    We know that businesses come in all sizes, and we have programs designed for large and small companies, as well as everything in between. The question to ask yourself and your leadership should be: are you open-minded and willing to put in the work? This will define whether you find the investment a valuable one.

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    What do online business coaches do?


    First, we have a discovery call where we try to get a sense of the kind of help that you’re looking for, your pain points, and if we think our services are a good fit for your situation. Then, if we choose to proceed, then we’ll have a standing appointment with you—usually weekly—to create specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals and check in on them. We believe coaching offers and helps you build a path to being a better leader, with concrete checkpoints along the way. At one point, you created a vision for your business. But with growth and time, that vision may have changed, or you may feel that it’s ready to change. We help you realize that vision or help mold the new one. One part support, one part teacher, one part motivator.

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