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7 Traits that Set Top Business Leaders Apart

Posted on: August 30, 2021
Business Growth

Coaching great Vince Lombardi once said, “Leaders are made. They are not born.” You probably already know that it takes work to become the best in the world of leadership.

As you learn how to be a business leader, you’ll come across quite a bit of advice, but the reality is that it takes quite a bit of work to develop the business leadership qualities you’ll need to reach the top. What qualities do the best leaders have that helped them achieve success? Take a look.

  1. They Communicate Well: 

Business can be incredibly complex. Good leaders, though, communicate in a clear, concise manner so that everyone can understand not only what needs to be done, but why it needs to be done.

This not only allows them to work with team members to help solve the problems that so often plague companies, but it also allows them to ignite passion in everyone around them.

They can use their communication skills to explain complex concepts and motivate a team, understand difficulties, and build connections where they didn’t exist before.

  1. They Never Stop Learning: 

It’s not a single process, product, or innovation that moves a company forward. There’s always something new to learn, and the top business leaders understand that.

The best leaders continue to stay on top of what matters in their market, pushing themselves to better understand the best practices and how they’re changing with customers and the world around them.

The best also stay on top of relevant numbers that could change absolutely everything. They also push their employees to keep learning too.

Getting comfortable with what you know is the biggest mistake you can make as a leader. The best never fall out of touch with what must change.

  1. They Are Both Confident and Humble:

Confidence is essential in leadership, but the best leaders display the perfect balance of both confidence and humility.

Studies have continually shown that humble leaders create healthy, effective workplace cultures. Wondering why? Humility means you know your limits and that you understand the role others play in your organization.

Lacking humility means making mistakes and not taking ownership of them, and that kind of behavior can’t inspire a team and push them forward. Instead, it simply makes them angry and pushes them away.

Confidence has an important place in leadership, but leaders should also be ready to admit that others play an essential role.

  1. They Test and Measure: 

Knowing how to get your business to the next level is every owner’s goal and responsibility. That’s where testing and measuring your business comes into play.

How else are you supposed to know what is really working or having an impact on your business or, more importantly, what is hurting your business. Putting processes in place that can work for your business and ensure that testing and measuring is happening the entire way.

  1. They Have High Standards: 

It’s likely advice you’ve heard before – the best leaders have relentlessly high standards for themselves and those around them.

It may turn some people away, but there are some real benefits to those high standards. Maybe the most important one is that you’re able to serve customers in the best possible way.

The problem, though, is when those high standards become abusive. Maintain your high standards by creating a realistic scope for everyone who works on your team.

Detail your expectations carefully, so there are no questions, and be ready to coach your team members to help them attain those same standards when they’re struggling.

  1. They’re Positive: 

It’s sometimes tough to reach success, and often people will need a continual positive voice to keep moving forward through the challenges.

The best leaders provide that positive voice. This isn’t optimism for the sake of being positive, though. The best leaders believe their teams have the ability to succeed, and they continually stay sunny even when things look a little frustrating ahead.

  1. They Are Accountable:

Ethics and accountability truly matter in leadership. Good leaders should be fair to absolutely everyone around them.

They continually work to earn the respect of their team members, and they’re as transparent as possible.

Company culture is truly reflective of the leadership within, so if you want an ethical team and one that is equally accountable as you are as a boss or owner, you’ll behave appropriately and communicate the values you want your company to reflect through your actions, not just your words.

Becoming one of the top business leaders in your vertical isn’t an easy journey, but it isn’t one you have to take alone.

If you’re ready to be a better business leader, connecting with the right coach can help. At AMB Performance Group, we can help you develop the leadership skills you need to move forward faster. Learn more when you contact us today.

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