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Growing Smaller: How to Increase Revenue by Streamlining Your Business

Posted on: May 16, 2023
Business Growth

Counter-intuitive though it is, it’s always important to consider if the secret to unlocking real revenue growth is hidden somewhere in the smaller details that efficient daily operations depend on. Longer-lasting business growth is often only possible by sizing business processes down in a systematized way. Optimizing operations is not only available to large enterprises, as it hinges less on major resources and more on effectively planning whatever resources you already have. When put into practice, it could feel like your business is growing smaller, but in the end, it is really just the result of streamlining your operations.

Growing Smaller With the Details That Matter

Streamlining operations requires a dedication to scrutinizing details until you reveal those making the difference between a continual flow of productivity vs. flow-disrupting nuisances. It has been said that 80% of your time can go towards 20% of your business. Whether it be problem clients who take up an outsized portion of your energy, or systems that were put in place long ago that are a constant drain on time, eliminating that which sucks up most of your time can help you focus most of your energy on the aspects of your business that will help it grow in the right direction. 

Sometimes, small challenges may seem unlikely to impact growth, compared to more big-picture concerns, but they still have the power to eventually put a stranglehold on revenue growth (if they aren’t already).

Depending on your company’s stage of growth, “details” could mean any number of things – but generally, they aren’t given their due attention due to striving for high-level goals. While leaders must focus on the destination, they also must be willing to investigate the small factors that drive the way forward, step by step, day by day.

This could mean delegating tasks differently or simplifying operations in any number of ways, including finding new ways to automate the tasks that add the least amount of real value, but take up real time. It could also mean enlisting the help of a partner who’s seen the unlikely power of identifying the small details that matter. An experienced business coach can help you proactively manage those procedures and details.

Drive Business Growth by Improving the Sum of Your Parts

Usually, entrepreneurs like to dream big, and think big. But if thinking big isn’t helping you drive growth as much as anticipated, there’s no shame in growing smaller instead. It is, in fact, a bold and commendable way to show stakeholders you’ll do what it takes to refine operations and meet company objectives.

AMB Performance Group specializes in streamlining the operational details that matter most. We apply a proven and guaranteed five-pronged approach to enhancing a company’s:

  • Prioritization
  • Cash flow
  • Team dynamics
  • Lead generation
  • Systems and procedures

Together, these efforts refine operations for greater long-term growth. Contact us today, and get the leadership-based mentoring required to take your business to the next level.

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