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Is Cash King in an Inflationary Environment?

Posted on: April 26, 2023
Business Growth

With reduced consumer spending and increased cost of goods and services, surviving in an inflationary environment can be challenging for businesses. This may force firms to hold more cash so that they can better manage the uncertainties and risks associated with rising prices. But is that an optimal strategy, and is cash king in an inflationary environment? The phrase “cash is king” means having cash on hand is more of a valuable and powerful asset than extending lines of debt or credit. Typically, there are times when “cash is king” is not true, and there may be other assets or investments that are more valuable than cash. So, is cash king in times of economic uncertainty? Keep reading to find out more.

When is Cash King in an Inflationary Environment?

Cash is often considered king during periods of inflation. Here are the benefits of holding cash in an inflationary environment:

Cash means liquidity

During uncertain times, holding cash provides liquidity. You’ll be more confident navigating through inflation knowing you have funds to meet short-term financial obligations like paying bills, salaries, and other expenses. Your business will be financially prepared to cover any unexpected costs or emergencies.

Avoiding high interest rates

The Federal Reserve usually fights inflation by hiking interest rates. Therefore, by having cash on hand you can pay debts or make investments and you won’t have to borrow money at such a high interest rate. Having more cash allows you to take advantage of more investment opportunities in an inflationary environment. It can be quickly converted into other assets or used to make purchases when cash prices are favorable to loans.

Why Cash May Not Be King in an Inflationary Environment

With inflation rapidly increasing, relying heavily on cash during inflation can also prevent you from meeting your long-term goals. Here are the disadvantages of holding on to money in an inflationary environment.

Missing out on opportunities

If you just hold onto cash during periods of high inflation, then it’s actually losing value more rapidly. Various assets, such as stocks, commodities, and equities can match or outperform the inflation rate. Therefore, letting your money sit idle during a recession means missing out on investing in productive assets that can generate cash flows over time.

Loss of purchasing power

Over the long term, the value of cash decreases as it’s eroded by inflation. Therefore, the purchasing power of your money declines, making it more expensive to purchase goods and services. 

We Can Help You Thrive in an Inflationary Environment

In an inflationary environment, businesses may need to balance holding just enough cash to manage risks and investing in growth opportunities to stay competitive. You will have to adjust your strategies to maintain profitability and protect against the eroding value of cash. So, is your business operating at maximum efficiency during inflation? We can help you find out. After thoroughly assessing the health of your business, skilled experts at AMB Performance Group can help you develop strategies that can assist you in navigating an inflationary environment. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business survive and thrive in this challenging economic environment.

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