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Retaining Employees During the Quiet Quitting Fad

Posted on: December 08, 2022
Hiring and Retaining Employees

Quiet quitting seems to be gaining popularity where overwhelmed or overworked employees work the bare minimum to their job descriptions, not going beyond what is expected. A 2022 Gallup Global Workplace Report revealed that only 9% of workers in the United Kingdom were enthusiastically engaged in their work. Similar trends have been reported in the US. Therefore, business owners, team leaders, and managers in organizations should seek working solutions before it’s too late. Here are some tips for retaining employees during the quiet quitting fad. 

Four Ways to Retain Employees During the Quiet Quitting Fad

1. Conduct performance reviews 

This allows employers to get feedback and reward employees with salary raises and title adjustments for their excellent work. Otherwise, employees will lack motivation, feel burnout, and lack the enthusiasm to work beyond what is required of them. This is also a chance to identify underperforming employees and communicate your expectations.

2. Listen to employees 

Before employees decide to quiet quit, they probably express concerns to their supervisors and managers who fail to acknowledge them. Thus, listening to employees and acting on their concerns can go a long way in ensuring they feel understood and valued. In turn, they will work harder. 

3. Adapt good management strategies 

Managers with effective management skills will keep their employees happy and minimize the chances of quiet quitting. Business owners should focus on providing their top management employees with resources that teach effective strategies and discuss regular improvements. Employees should also have to skip reviews to give feedback to their managers. 

4. Build good relationships 

Quiet quitting can be minimized by closing the gap between an employer’s relationship with an employee. Employees who feel that the employer or manager is a human or has a closer relationship are likely to be committed to their job. Otherwise, they express their dissatisfaction through quiet quitting. 

Seek professional help

Business owners, managers, and team leaders have a significant role in retaining employees during the quiet quitting fad. Our team at AMB Performance Group focuses on helping businesses with chaos reduction, financial stabilization, team performance, productivity enhancements, and leadership management. We also offer business systems audits to help you determine areas of opportunity within your company and optimize your system. Schedule an appointment today for more information and coaching.

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